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Major Medical Insurance and the ACA (ObamaCare)

Under the Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare, you must have major medical insurance or pay a tax penalty, and the penalties are increasing. In 2016, for instance, you can expect to pay a penalty that is the greater of $695 or 2.5 percent of your taxable income. Let Mid-Michigan Insurance Advisors help you avoid those fees while you get good health coverage!

Although the open enrollment dates for the ACA in 2017 run from the fall of 2016 and possibly into the first months of 2017, certain circumstances change your eligibility.

  • Getting married or divorced

  • Having a baby

  • Moving to a different coverage area

  • Losing existing coverage

  • Leaving incarceration, and other situations

Talk to us to see how changes in your life affect your ACA eligibility.

See how changes affect your ACA responsibilities

You can no longer be denied health insurance based on your preexisting medical conditions, but now your premiums are based on your Modified Adjusted Gross Income.


You may see your premiums go down, or you may see them go substantially higher. Ensure you're not confused or overwhelmed by the whole process when you work with Mid-Michigan Insurance Advisors.


You'll get experienced assistance so you can properly enroll and not miss out on any available tax subsidies.

Avoid confusion when you get experienced help

Work your way

through the ObamaCare system with help

from Mid-Michigan Insurance Advisors.

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