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Learn the Pros and Cons of Medicare Advantage

Get your Medicare coverage from a private carrier when you choose Medicare Advantage, also known as Part C. You'll get professional guidance from Mid-Michigan Insurance Advisors, who will direct you through the pros, which may include additional benefits, and the cons, which could entail copays and other expenses.

Medicare Advantage, otherwise known as Part C, is essentially a combination of Parts A, B, and D. It is not to be confused with a Medicare Supplement for the simple fact that it does not supplement your insurance, but in fact takes over and becomes your primary insurance, which is why it is also referred to as Privatized Medicare.


When you take a Medicare Advantage plan versus Traditional Medicare, you choose to get your Medicare coverage from a private carrier. There are always pros and cons to every plan; Medicare Advantage can be a great option for some but may not be a good option for others. Here at Mid-Michigan Insurance Advisors, we try and show you exactly what the differences are between Medicare Advantage and Traditional Medicare.

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Even though Medicare Advantage is a fairly new product only first coming out in 2003, it has grown rapidly as a favorable option for some Medicare recipients. While you may have to pay copays and out of pockets with most plans, they may also offer you some additional benefits not offered by original Medicare such as dental, vision, and hearing benefits.


There are many companies in the state of Michigan that offer such plans and we proudly contract with nearly all of them.

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