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Conquer the Intricacies of Medicare Part D

Don't set yourself up for a scary surprise. Medicare Part D, which covers prescription drugs, is the program you are most likely to misunderstand, and sometimes that can lead to unfortunate results. Let Mid-Michigan Insurance Advisors help you find the best plan, based on your current list of prescription medications.

Get to know the Part D four-step program.

  • Step 1 - your deductible (the standard is $360 in 2016)

  • Step 2 - your initial coverage

  • Step 3 - your coverage gap (also known as the donut hole)

  • Step 4 - your catastrophic coverage

Work your way through the steps

Because there are so many different Part D plans and they cover a multitude of different drugs, we highly recommend you do a Medicare drug analysis before choosing your plan. Unfortunately, in today's society, some consumers are left to choose between paying their electric bill or getting their medicine for the month, and the sad truth is that sometimes this situation could have been avoided simply by running a drug analysis and choosing a different prescription plan.


Here at Mid-Michigan Insurance Advisors, we are dedicated to making sure you get the highest quality of service, which is why our clients get updated reviews yearly to ensure they are on the best plan for their particular list of prescriptions.

Ensure your coverage matches your medications

Make sure you're on the best plan with an annual review from Mid-Michigan Insurance Advisors.

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